NextNav N35 GPS System for $199 + Free Shipping + Free Lucky Red Packet + Free 25 pack blank DVDs +

1 February 2008

NextNav N35 for $ 199! I don't know the quality of the gps but it seems to be based on the SIRF III chipset which many people seems to rave good review about it.
Pay by paypal and you get free shipping + free lucky red packet and free 25 dvd-r.
I think its a good deal but better hurry this deal only last for one day..


  • Brad
    Nice combo krucera, and welcome to Buckscoop!! Just added a piccie for you. :)
  • Brad
  • nod
    hey thanks Krucera. This GPS was selling for just under $300 last year
  • admin EDITOR
    Keep going and we're going to need to up the character limit on deal titles :) Thanks Krucera.

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