Nextbyte Boxing day sale - 80% off all inks and toners

26 December 2009

Probably worth a look at 80% off if your needing to stock up on inks and toners.

Other things of interest in the sale are the 80% off all paper and possibly 20% off senneheiser gear.


  • admin EDITOR
    If anyone knows more than I do - can you please show me where the nextbyte inks and toners are - I cant find them on the online store.
  • fishmonkey
    NextByte don't list everything on their online store, which is relatively new... i guess the sale is a teaser to get people into their stores to see the shiny big ticket toys...
  • admin EDITOR
    I'm wondering how they can drop the inks and toners so much, unless they're only putting 2 of each up on the shelf.
  • fishmonkey
    inks and toners are small bickies compared to computers and accessories... plus mark up on stuff in Australia is generally outrageous...

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