Next Byte - Buy an Ipod Touch get 24 free movie tickets

4 October 2009

Limited to the first 800 customers.

$268 for an 8Gb iPod Touch.
2x12 (Say $15) movie tickets = $360

BUT you need to complete an initial claim form.
Then complete another one in the first week of every month to receive the tickets.
Tickets will also take up to 21 days to arrive.

A lot of work, but even as a student with $10 or $12 tickets, you still get a free iPod Touch out of it.

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  • fishmonkey
    there's a lot of ifs buts and maybes in the T&C's... here's a few of them: 5. In the first 7 days of each month of the subsequent 12 months after dispatch of the promotional codes, the consumer will enter their unique codes for that month plus their delivery information into the promotional website and that will then be sent electronically to Salad Marketing. 6. Please allow up to 21 days for delivery of tickets from the date of Salad Marketing receiving a valid claim. 7. The codes entitle the bearer to redeem 2 Cinema Tickets per month for 12 months, at participating venues. Tickets will be issued for venues deemed within a reasonable distance of the home address of the qualifying consumer. god knows what "within a reasonable distance of the home address" actually translates to... i don't quite get the logic that you somehow get a "free" iPod Touch out of it, although if you were going to buy one anyway then the tickets would be a bonus...

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