NETGEAR WGR613V Wireless router and VoIP Phone Adaptor for $49 with $30 bonus credit

21 January 2008

Although this unit is locked to mynetfone, it is the ultimate steal if u are using mynetfone as your VoIP provider considering it retails at $179.

And if u want this phone on the whirlpool saver, all you have to do is write in the comments box that you want it on the whirlpool saver and incluve your whirlppol username.

You also get free express courier delivery and $30 bonus credit

It also supports broadband fax.

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  • nod
    So the Whirlpool saver is a special phone rate?? Where so we get the details for that Sab988 do you know? Great price for the router. Mynetphone are not the cheapest but when you factor in the savings on the router this looks to be a very good deal Free to join WP too :)

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