Netcomm Headset $9.95 at PLUS $10 call credit PLUS 4.15% cashback

4 June 2007

Not a bad deal really.. you get a basic headset with the free credit. The big shame is that you are looking at delivery costs of $7 and that is to central Sydney. But if you buy these are the second item then you onyl pay 50c to have them delivered.
So I guess I will just have to find you another bargain so that you can buy both and pay the ridiculous delivery charge

Here is some info off the site:
"As a special offer $10 Call Credit is included!! When you purchase this phone you receive a MyNetFone soft phone user account with $10 call credit, plus a welcome guide and a MyNetFone soft phone user guide.

* Lightweight Stereo VoIP Headset
* Inline volume and mute controls
* Compatible with all VoIP & instant messaging clients
* Easy-fitting lightweight design
* Built-in microphone
* Plug and play operation - just connect to microphone/ speaker port
* Great for music, gaming, voice chat, etc
* Comfortable and adjustable headset"


  • Brad
    I bought some similar headphones from OO where you got $5 free calling credit. You don't have to make any deposits or anything, so this is a good deal. Their rates are pretty good, so all your credit wont go at once. All we need now is a free postage coupon. That would make this profitable. :w00t:
  • nod
    very good point... fingers crossed :)

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