Netcomm ADSL Integrated Gateway with Wireless @ $89.95

28 December 2006

This is an excellent price on this router / adsl modem from oo. Otherwise retailing for upwards of $120 except for one on offer from Harris Technology at $99. Cashback is better from oo @ 3% than with Harris so it's a good buy.


* Integrated 54Mbps Wireless Access Point (802.11g/b compatible)
* Wireless Encryption WEP 64bit & 128bit, upgradeable to WPA
* SSID Wireless Beacon Enable / Disable
* Integrated ADSL Modem supports Auto, G.DMT, G.LITE, ANSI T1.413
* Supports PPPoE, PPPoA, Static & Dynamic IP, Classical IP & Bridge using LLC Encapsulation
* Active Firewall featuring Stateful Packet Inspection (SPI) and prevention of DoS attack
* Network Address Translation (NAT max 1000 simultaneous connections)
* 5 Integrated VPN Tunnel End points
* Multi-session VPN Pass-through or NAT Traversal (PPTP & IPSec)
* Universal Plug and Play allows Internet Apps to auto configure ports
* Ping Diagnostics (LAN & WAN)
* Trace Route Diagnostics
* Back up & Restore Configuration
* Intruder detection, Traffic & Event Logging viewable Online
* Logging / Alarms can be sent to Syslog or Email server
* Access Control filter by IP / MAC / URL keyword
* Access Control filter Proxy / Java / ActiveX / Cookie
* Access Control Time of Day filter with exception IP address
* Wireless Access Control up to 64 allowed MACs
* Dynamic DNS for hosting server on Dynamic Public IP address
* DHCP Server for LAN
* DNS Relay / Forwarding
* Port Range Forwarding (Virtual Server)
* Port Triggering (Special Applications like P2P programs)
* Demilitarised Zone Host (DMZ) & Multi DMZ for hosting Web/Mail servers
* Web-based configuration and administration
* Remote Internet administration (changeable HTTP Port Number)
* SNMP support (4 communities, Enable / Disable)
* Dynamic Routing (RIP 1 & 2, independently control Tx/Rx)
* Static Routing (editable DEST, MASK, GW, HOP, IF)
* Flash Firmware Upgradeable
* 4 Port Ethernet Switch on LAN side
* WAN MAC spoofing (change WAN MAC)
* WAN MTU value setting

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