NEC NP600 projector $1045 from Videopro

11 May 2010

Videopro have a list of clearance projectors. Am listing this one because most of the ones from videopro have several hundred hours on them. This one has 23 so its been used for display but very little.

Brightness is good at 3500 lumens, it'll display 1600x1200 and one spec sheet I've read quotes it as having wireless capability - although I'm trying to verify this as it'd be a neat feature.


  • admin EDITOR
    Ok - according to the spec sheet - this is VGA / DVI - the latter being the good one. There is no wireless capability, contra to what I read but you can plug it into the network via LAN port
  • ninkasi
    Not bad at all. Epson also have their factory seconds store ]here. Can pick up bargains there - still have warranty, although reduced to 6 months. Not currently in the seconds area is the ]EH-DM3. $1249 for the projector with hdmi etc and inbuilt CD/DVD/DivX player & stereo speakers. Lamps aren't too expensive ($199) so would be good to take to parties etc.... Ugly as sin though. ;-) Would also like portable projectors to have both vertical and horizontal keystone correction.
  • ninkasi
    Oh, Epson were throwing in a free 80inch portable screen with their projectors recently - promotion is over now I think, but they do seem to do this on a regular basis....
  • admin EDITOR
    Its not a bad way to watch movies if you have a decent spare wall in the house - I've also played Supermario on a wii running through a little projector similar to this. Wasn't bad.
  • ninkasi
    another place with some decent deals is ]justprojectors. For example ]Optima HD65 for $1550 including 94 inch screen and spare lamp... or the Mitsubishi ]XD250U for $1099 etc etc...

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