NEC 21.3" LCD2190UXP-BK @ Mwave $650 PLUS cashback - Usually $1055 price tag

11 May 2008

What tweaked my attention was not the monitor itself but the original sale price. Couldnt figure out why a monitor would be so expensive.

Looks to be pretty spanky and a new release. Comes with adjustable stand and you can flip it landscape etc.

Cant find a whole heap of information on it except a could of glowing user reviews.

This is a new but opened box unit. So tainted in that the seal has been cracked but probably nothing else.

Would be a very very good bargain for anyone looking to buy one. Nearest other price is $1055 and it all heads north from there.


  • nod
    a saving of $400 for an opened box is pretty good :)
  • admin EDITOR
    yea - its making me wonder why they have it out so cheap. Probably something like it was a tester, or simply because they only have one in stock and want to knock it out.
  • nod
    or the box opened when they dropped it :D

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