Navway Professional Street Navigator $180 with free AU shipping until 30th June

26 June 2009

They say price was $599

Looks like a right bargain. Click though for the full spec

Australias fastest, most accurate and user-friendly street navigation device from Ausway the publishers of the iconic Melway, Brisway and Sydway street directories can be updated every six months, so users will always have the most current map information available.

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  • fishmonkey
    in GPS world these are quite old units, dating back to at least 2007... they come preloaded with 2007 maps... the thread on ozbargain suggests that you may be able to redeem 2008 maps, but these are already nearly 12 months old, and the 2009 maps are about to be released... so you need to factor the cost of a 2009 map update into the price too... also, Navway map updates only occur once a year, and there doesn't seem to be any kind of incremental update system...

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