Navig8r L35 GPS 3.5" Touchscreen LCD $99 instore @ Harvey Norman

5 October 2008

Reported on another site so worth a look in your local store to see if its available there as it looks a billy bargain, dont forget to let us know!!

Reported seen in Harvey Norman QV, Melb CBD.

Price on staticIce is $150+

Greatest available coverage with latest Australian mapping from NAVTEQ
- Super fast mapping and routing
- Dynamic re-routing (after a wrong turn)
- Countless points of interest
- Visual Guidance with the Richest, Most Detailed Maps
- Multiple stop overs
- Create, Manage, Save, and Edit Trips
- Plays multimedia files such as picture, music and movie files
CPU: Centrality Atlas-II 300MHz /324MHz
- Video Display: 3.5 LCD (Touch Screen), anti-glare Brightness
- Video Resolution: 320X240, 6.5M colors, QVGA resolution, Landscape
- Memory: 64 MB SDRAM
- GPS Module: Centrality Atlas-II
- Antenna: 1. Embedded type 2. Connector for external antenna
Input/Output: Resistive type touch panel / Built-in speaker /
3.5mm headphone jack / SD/MMC slot / USB 1.1 port
- Battery Life: Up to 4 hours Stand-by
- Dimension: 102.5 x 74 x 20 (WxHxD) mm
- Weight: 165g


  • sandgroper
  • nod
    It is a 2007 release so I wonder if they are bringing out a new model? Good price for a basic gps though. Hot from me :)
  • Bleugh
    after enduring tomtom when my XL, quite literally blew up on me (a Diode, D5 has blown up!!, seems some others have had this issue too) I decided I'd had enough......picked one of these up, and seems to do the job! it's a Win CE5 device, touch wood it can be hacked to run tomtom or something else!! after the debacle with my old tomtom910 windscreen mount, the XL windscreen mount falling to bits after a time and with the shoddy map support here in AU, i'm never buying another........
  • melissanj
    awww if only i had a spare 100 bucks!!! HOT from me:)
  • Bleugh
    Yep, they can be hacked to run TOMTOM :-) just ensure to select 'other NMEA device', 9600 and com 7 in the GPS preferences took a day and a half of messing around mind :-)
  • admin EDITOR
    but it runs it perfectly otherwise bleugh ? Makes me chuckle that you can hack them.
  • clobb
    No go @ Rundle Mall, Adelaide - still $200 :-(
  • Bleugh
    but it runs it perfectly otherwise bleugh ? Makes me chuckle that you can hack them.
    runs perfectly!! really, it runs far better than any tomtom i've played with, maybe a little slower than the 910 I had, BUT, it works INDOORS too!!, far faster than the ONE or XL too honestly, you get pretty darn good reception in quite a few places!! harvey norman up in blackburn has them at $150 each now, apparently the $99 was a pile 'em high, shift 'em cheap offer that had rebate deals with the manufactuer!
  • admin EDITOR
    so you reckon its time to expire the deal ?? Or keep it open a little longer in case?
  • Bleugh
    expire, was a weekend only, selected stores have them at $150, however, it's not a superb deal considering you can get the 'gps for dummies' version for that at good guys with cash both run win CE5.0 so will be able to hack 'em
  • admin EDITOR
    Done.. Thanks.

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