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25 June 2007

Go to the Whirlpool forums:

The WhirlpoolSaver offer is a special value-added VoIP service offering for the Whirlpool community, their family and friends.

Here is the summary:

- $0 Monthly Service Fee
- FREE Calls to Other MyNetFone Users
- 10c untimed, anywhere, anytime Local/National calls
- 15c per minute Fixed to Mobile calls, first minute is a block, and then follows with per-second billing

- One DID included in this plan (Additional DID's are available for a pre-payable amount of $30.00 per year)
- Outbound caller ID
- Inbound caller ID for selected Cities & Most regional areas
- International calls from 1.9c per minute (billed in 1 Minute Blocks)
- Free voicemail with voicemail to email delivery (available to any MNF member, simply send an email to our support department with your details)
- No minimum spend with credits that do not expire


- Offer only valid to people who have a Whirlpool user account, their families or friends introduced by them
- Whirlpool users must register before June 30th 2007 - customers registered by then can continue to use the WhirlpoolSaver Service
- MyNetFone reserves the right to refuse, change or end the offer at anytime
- Other standard MyNetFone terms and conditions apply
- This offer is available in conjunction with other MyNetFone special offers; however the terms and conditions of the other offers chosen take precedence - i.e. minimum top-ups etc (if applicable)

To take advantage of the WhirlpoolSaver plan please perform the following steps as closely as possible:

If you aren't already a customer of MyNetFone, and would like to become a member and go on the WhirlpoolSaver then please complete the following registration form:


  • nod
    Thanks for the deal Bluntman and Welcome to Buckscoop. This offer has already been posted in the forum but I have decided to leave it up as it is a good reminder for people as the offer expires 30th June :)
  • admin EDITOR
    ta bluntman and welcome
  • enthusiast
    ***myNetFone Netgear prices have been further reduced*** Check out There's been some even further savings on the Netgear hardware packs. Definitely worth trying out the service at these prices :-) Offer ends Saturday night!
  • nod
    Brilliant! Thanks for the tip Enthusiast. You will need to be quick though :)

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