MyMemoryUK- Kameleon 5in1 Remote+ Charger & 4 AARecharge Batteries- $25.50

7 July 2011

Kameleon 5in1 Universal Remote plus a Uniross Compact Charger + 4 X AA Pre-Charged Rechargeable Batteries

Delivered from the UK - my experience is that my previous orders were delivered here in under 14 days approx
Cost is £14.99 + £1.95 international delivery - so approx $A25.50 delivered

MyMemory has a good reputation and is responsive to claims of product faults ( I have even read accounts that they will even reimburse the delivery cost if there is need to return a faulty item!)

Seems a very good price for a universal remote control with good reviews ( a local eBay listing has just the Remote listed for $70) with the added Bonus of 4 x AA rechareable batteries and charger

Product Details

Kameleon URC 8305 5in1 Universal Remote

The URC 8305 remote control can work with up to 1500 brands. Its flat design and luminous touch control screen makes the usage intuitive and is a high technology interface thatandrsquo;s well within your reach. The URC 8305 universal remote control offers you complete control of your audio-video configuration.

Key Magic:
A special feature, which enables the programming of extra functions on the OFA remote.

Key sequence:
One button of the OFA remote can be programmed with a sequence (a series) of functions.

Device change mode:
Allow the control of a certain device type (e.g. a TV) on another device mode key (e.g. SAT)

Copy functions of the original remote to the keypad of the OFA. Original remote needs to function

EL on time:
The EL switches itself off after a few seconds if not used. This time can be changed:4 seconds, 8 seconds (default), 12 seconds, 16 seconds or 20 seconds

Sleep timer:
The device will switch off automatically after xx minutes. Either picked and working like on the original remote, or programmable

- Unique Kameleon Touch Panel highlights only the keys you need
- Future proof remote: wireless upgrades of any new device codes
- One For All Light Control to switch on/off or dim your lights and create the perfect home theatre mood (requires additional One For All Light Control accessories)
- Controls your TV, DVD, Sat/Cable/DVB-T, surround amplifier and lights
- Macro-keys and learning function for easy addition of original remote functions

- Technical Specifications
- Functions: Key Magic, Learning, Macros, Phone and Internet Upgradeable
- Batteries: 2x AA
- Battery life: 2 - 4 months
- Number of keys: 13 hardkeys + EL panel
- IR range: ~15 mtrs
- IR frequency: 0-455khz
Uniross Compact Charger + 4 X AA Pre-Charged Ready to Use Rechargeable Batteries

The new low cost range from Uniross replaces 1000 ordinary zinc batteries, saving battery waste/pollution and saving you money (approximately 1/2p per use over life of the battery).

Contains hybrio technology, which means batteries stay charged for longer when not in use, making these batteries ideal for all low drain devices such as remote controls and kitchen clocks etc. New lower capacity means these batteries will recharge faster.

- Compact plug-in design
- Comes with four AA rechargeable batteries
- Rechargeable 1000 times
- Charges two or four AA/AAA batteries
- Batteries can be used straight from the pack

Supplied with: 4 x AA pre-charged ready to use 700mAH batteries

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