Mwave - Samsung SpinPoint F1 1TB Drive + 4GB rugged USB drive + cashback - $151

23 April 2009

I reckon this isn't a bad deal, although I'm not sure whether this is one of the Samsungs that needs updating.

The 4 gig drive is thrown in.

Its a one day special from mwave so is nearly over now :)


  • fishmonkey
    i think you are confusing the firmware update thing with various Seagate drives that have needed firmware updates in the last few months... i'm not aware of any Samsung drives that have had similar issues...
  • fishmonkey
    those OCZ ATVs are also excellent flash drives... tough and with performance in the upper end of consumer-grade flash drives... apparently you can get around 30MB/s read and 15MB/s write performance out of them, which is much better than the majority of flash drives on the market...
  • fishmonkey
    dunno if this deal is a one day special, it's still available now...
  • bluntman
    Pretty good deal, however looking into these drives and they seem to be an older model and they appear to have some reliability issues
  • fishmonkey
    the way mass production manufacturing works, reliability will be a bit of a lottery with any of the cheaper hard drives (and any drive will fail eventually)... having a good backup scheme going is crucial!

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