Mwave- Logitech Cordless 1500 Rechargeable Desktop USB/PS2, OEM $69.99 +$13 shipping

28 August 2009

Cheapest on staticice

- Packaging: OEM Pack
- Warranty: 3 years
- Package Dimension: 91mm(W) x 241mm(D) x 484mm(H)
- Weight: 1.5 kg


The Logitech Cordless 1500 Rechargeable Desktop OEM is the first rechargeable desktop specifically designed to meet the requirements of Microsoft Vista. Featuring cost effective rechargeability and improved design, the Cordless 1500 Rechargeable Desktop includes the new Logitech Cordless 1500 Keyboard and the Logitech LX700 Cordless Rechargeable Optical Mouse. The desktop is offered in Midnight Black with Quick Silver accents. Together, this combination perfectly leverages plug-and-play installation convenience, 3D Tilt Wheel technology and the industry''s best rechargeable solution.

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