Mwave: Leadtek USB2.0 Winfast VC100 U Video Editor Edit, Music & Video, DVD Authoring $45.99 + ship

1 September 2009

DVD Authoring, Customizable Menus, Automatic Scene Detection

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With built-in automatic scene detection, WinFast VC100 U Video Editor is a USB 2.0-compatible Plug-and-Play video capture device that enables you to record home videos, TV recordings and any other personal video/music collections in the highest quality MPEG-4/2/1 format for eventual archiving. The direct-burn function, viewed as the most time and space saving feature, provides the user with the most simple and direct way to transform videos and films from various sources into polished CDs and DVDs.

# Warranty: 2-year RTB


  • sandgroper
  • fishmonkey
    at least a dozen online tech stores have these for under this price (although mostly only by a few dollars)... ]TECH4U.COM.AU has them for $39.90, although their shipping is slightly more expensive at $15.46 to Sydney metro...

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