Mwave clearance bargain-Belkin Expresscard, Combo 2 x 1394a 1 x USB 2.0 Port (F5U506) $19.95 + shipp

22 September 2009

At well over $100 elseware this looks like a real steal for those of you with express card slots on your laptops but no firewire slot.

The ExpressCard takes advantage of the additional bandwidth and features provided by the new ExpressCard I/O interconnection standard. Now you can stream movies and download video from your camcorder to your hard drive simultaneously-without worrying that your computer will freeze, crash, or slow down to a trickle.

Limited lifetime warranty

Only 38 in stock


  • fishmonkey
    great deal if you have a spare Expresscard/34 slot and need some Firewire 400 ports...
  • wheadle
    Nice one sandy on the price . Don't your USB 2 slots give you the same speeds?
  • fishmonkey
    hey Wheadle, although Firewire 400 is rated at 400Mb/s and USB 2.0 at 480MB/s, in practice Firewire 400 outperforms USB 2.0, especially for sustained transfers... it is a far superior interface when you want fast reliable sustained transfers, e.g. for external hard drives, and for streaming audio and video... technically speaking, Firewire has less overhead in its data protocol, and does peer-to-peer negotiation between devices, unlike USB which relies on the host computer to oversee connections... it will be interesting to see how Firewire 3200 and USB 3.0 stack up against each other in real world usage...

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