MSI Wind (10" notebook) Windows XP Edition (preorder) $699 @ Onlinecomputer

18 June 2008

Onlinecomputer will sell MSI Wind exclusively in Australia which will be released on 3rd of July.
Pre-Order Now to avoid disappointment

MSI U100XP Notebook

MSI Wind Windows XP Edition
Intel Atom 1.6GHz,
10" Wide,
1.3M Webcam,
Wireless LAN,
Win XP
2-Yrs International Warranty

The website isnt quite finished yet, end of the week they say, but they do have a Store in Sydney 730-742 George St., Sydney 2000


  • khaz0r
    I find that to be rather expensive... From "If you hadn’t known by now. The MSI Wind is delayed to June 27th and will be shipped with 3-cell batteries with a price tag of $479.99. " But $699? That's a bit steep. Wasn't the Wind meant to be competing against the EeePC price wise?
  • sandgroper
    I posted because it seems that Onlinecomputers seem to have an exclusive for sales of these in AU, unless of course you grey import. Only time will tell of course.
  • admin EDITOR
    They're going to find it hard to compete against the ASUS at that price I would have thought.
  • kingyubbo
    The eeePC 901 is about $600... so it's not that much more expensive as this does have better features. These mini-laptops are getting very expensive though.... so much for helping out the developing world in accessing the internet and improving education
  • bigal
    if they *really* have exclusive sale of these systems then I think the MSI Wind will fail miserably. I would buy this over a eee pc but your average tom dick and harry will not see this model if they walk into the retail stores and the price is a bit rich, sorry cold vote :(
  • khaz0r
    The eeePC 901 is about $600... so it's not that much more expensive as this does have better features. These mini-laptops are getting very expensive though.... so much for helping out the developing world in accessing the internet and improving education
    AFAIK, The 901's RRP is $649 Also, these sub notebooks are not the same as the OLPC. ASUS when there was talk of the EeePC 701 at *$US199* there were rumours going around that this will fall into the OLPC category, however, we all know that the EeePC did not come out at a price of $US199. These newer models are just bigger and better and the target market is different now. Still, I don't think these products should sell much more than $599. I guess $649 isn't too bad considering the release of the 701 here in Australia was originally $499. Going off tangent a little, the HP's mini-note '2133' is selling for $899, RIDICULOUS!
  • kingyubbo
    AFAIK, The 901's RRP is $649
    I saw it for $600 at Myers so I assumed it was the RRP price. Considering you can get proper full spec 12" laptops for less than $900 nowadays with proper processors and not the small celery or powersaving chips. If the Wind did get down to around the $500 mark, i'd probably get one. It is the best specced out of all these smaller laptops..
  • khaz0r
    Oh, you're thinking of the 900 model, not the 901, there are differences. Even though the 12" Dell Vostro sells at around $650, the main point of these sub-notebooks is the weight and flexibility for travel. You cannot compare a regular notebook to these sub-notebooks as they fall under a different category. Also, you wouldn't be able to squeeze 6hr battery life with a regular notebook. The closest competitor to the sub-notebook category are the Sony Vaio TZ models which are a full spec'd 11.1" notebook weighing just over 1kg (similar to the sub-notebooks) but these beautys start at around $3k.
  • sed8ed
    Thing is thought the features of these netbooks is what pushes them into higher prices, the Wind for example has WD Scorpio Drive with read and write transfers above that of the 900 and 901 and soon to be 1000 from Asus...It also has LED backlit display and a nearly full size keyboard, the Asus remains unchanged in KB size.... The Atom is 30% faster than the eee 900 with the Celeron. Wind has an 80GB HDD where the Asus has a SSD main drive of only 4GB...and a second SSD of 16gb or 8GB at a much slower transfer and access time. The main SSD on the Asus is not user serviceable and cant be's soldered on... All in all the wind is roughly 1.1 kilo's in weight.....a Dell Vostro 1200 starts at 2.0 kilo's for $650 without a Webcam and a 4 cell.... There is a market......prices always fall. This price is a case of early adopter gets burnt!!!
  • admin EDITOR
    I reckon its a pretty hard market for these guys. The expectation people have is for small size together with full functionality and decent drives etc. But thats not really compatible with the idea that these things are a secondary computer as the functionality pushes the price up. So what do you buy, one of these or a full functionality Visio or Air. Welcome to buckscoop sed8ed. There's some good info coming out in this thread.
  • nod
    Hey Sed8ed, welcome to Buckscoop :flowers: Thanks for the awesome run down on the two machines. Really helpful. Do you own one or were you thinking about getting one? I have been working on a 13" Mac for the last few weeks (compared to a big lump of a 17" HP) and I can certainly see the value in these smaller machines. If you travel a lot then getting a 'compact' model makes perfect sense. And surprisingly I did not really miss the size of the screen. May even go back to the Mac ;)
  • sed8ed
    Thanks, buckscoop FTW I was thinking of getting one!! ( MSI Wind) Unfortunately the release date keeps getting pushed back.. On the website they went on sale on the 16th and only had 200 units to sell...needless to say they were the 3 cell with XP and priced at $459.00 U.S and all sold in 30 minutes. According to website many purchasers were able to accidentally order more than one unit....sales were to U.S customers only. It's a shame that MSI have such a great looking/featured netbook but arent able to get their act together. There are of course some things out of their control, apparently MSI U.S made a statement recently regarding the lack of available units was due to battery shortages and not Atom cpu's.... If this thing ever gets to market it'll be great for mobile consumers world wide....fact is it remains to be seen if it will actually hit our shores on time...The Asus examples are being churned out and the 901 will probably debut here earlier and steal a few customers back!!! The Asus 1000 will be a direct competitor......and probably close to the same price. Because of the wait I purchased the Vostro's not comparable to the Wind in every way but it is portable and the specs are better!!! Thats what I needed....something now rather than later....I followed the Wind from concept....but the waiting/hype/marketing/delays has killed it for me....just release it already lol The whole exclusive distributor and exclusive retailer thing is BS.....MSI should never had allowed this to happen. Altech computers in Sydney should have sold it to every man and his dog retailer and ordered 1000 units...but instead they made everything exclusive and ordered low volume, this drove the price up.......thats why it's $699.00. Expect the price to drop after Mid July.....early August.
  • admin EDITOR
    Here's a bit of interesting bumph on these mini pc's for anyone interested. I sort of agree with the guy in many respects. Make the machine to purpose not market and the market will follow.

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