MOTOROLA XOOM 10.1 inch Android Tablet 32GB WiFi $388 - EBGAMES

30 March 2012

Let me start off by saying that this is not the latest version of the Xoom...There are differences between it and the Xoom 2 such as weight (100g heavier than version 2), speed (1GHz compared with the newer 1.2 GHz processor) and some changes in button placements etc.

The biggest difference that I can see is the price difference between v1 and v2. At $388 its actually quite cheap compared to what it was selling at but the Xoom2 is now selling at the $700 mark, and if you are after a Tablet that is not an Apple this is a good one to look at also has decent reviews.

You can pick these up in store free of charge and if you are like me and cant be bothered getting in the car to go pick up, delivery starts at $2.50 and increases depending where you live. They are charging me $7.20 to deliver.

What do you think?

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