Midte MDT-PM368HS HDMI Media Player, DivX, XviD, AVI/ASF, DVD/MPEG-1, 2, 4 from $97.95 delivered

27 May 2008

Model#: MDT-PM368HS

Hot plug and hot play. Support huge storage capacity.

Easy connect it to your TV. Connect it to PC and download all the movie, music and photo albums (directly from internet) to the player.
Key Specifications/Special Features:

- Supports NTFS and FAT32 HDD file systems
- Supports maximum both SATA and IDE HDD capacity up to 750GB
- Preview window of picture playback
- Display movie file name up to the length of 40 characters
- Subtitle font sizes and colors are adjustable
- Supports photo slideshow
- Comprehensive design of remote control


  • sandgroper
    You do need to add your own hard drive to this offer. http://www.mwave.com.au/newAU/mwaveAU/images/auto_d_image/29030239_01.jpg
  • stilted
    I got one from a ebay seller a few months ago (exactly the same) the menu is very very ugly and not visually attractive - The MP3 player feature is very VERY basic! But it plays most Divx/Xvid fortmat. For a media player its pretty good - it doesn't like some files and can freeze during movie play back - whilst the movie plays perfectly on Xbox /Ps3 But I would recommend buying a Xbox 360 and attach an external USB drive - PS3 doesnt read Xvid format (plus x360 can be picked up under $400) But for $100 its a pretty good buy- I paid $180 with a 320gb harddrive. And for those who want just a basic stand alone player its a worthy purchase.
  • trevorf
    For those looking for media players such as this, I would suggest Network Media Tanks. What's special about them, is that they're able to handle h264 which is generally used for high resolution stuff these days.
  • admin EDITOR
    Is H264 becoming the defacto standard ?

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