Microsoft - Windows 7 - $49.95 For Students & Staff

19 June 2010

Staff and students can download Microsoft® Windows 7 Professional Upgrade (AUD$49.95 RRP*) (Perpetual license) with a valid email address.

You can also get it on disk for an additional AUD$14.00 RRP.

List of eligible institutions:

Full Terms and conditions:


  • modtang
    Apparently you can do a clean install with these upgrade products. Google for it if you need the details. This is a really excellent deal I would've taken up 2 weeks ago. I've since bought a new laptop with 7 pre-installed tho.
  • jonas
    Yea, i think its a great deal for the price. You need to do a clean install if you are upgrading from XP, but you can upgrade if you already have vista installed. The deal for ] office 2010 isnt too bad either!!!
  • stevehl
    This pricing is for a download version of the software (or pay $14 for the dvd including postage) - download for Windows 7 is about 2Gb. If you don't have good download quotas - it is advisable to buy the dvd. For the non technical people, a "clean install" means that
  • spodosaurus
    Great deal as they had it for $75 previously then up to about $119 IIRC and when it was put back to $50 I had my wife get a license for herself, too, as Vista (even with SP2) on her system was just sucking (it worked great on mine). I'll have a look at the Office deal now, too, as she could use a more up to date version than 2003.
  • Wally
    For those on a tight budget Open Office 3 is now a worthwhile alternative for opening/producing the Office format documents and is 'free '
  • QuirkyKiwi
    They previously offered Windows 7 Professional (full version) so I was able to pick up two copies 32bit and one 64bit. It is a shame it is now an upgrade version. I do believe windows 7 can do a clean install (you need to install it twice - the first time without a licence key then the second to 'upgrade' that first install). Good value if you have a student/staff ID.

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