Microsoft Optical Desktop with Fingerprint Reader @ Officeworks $74.49

20 September 2007

While I'm on the fingerprint readers officeworks have this one in there as well.

I like the idea of not having to continually type passwords. They bug me as I've got about 3 million of them. It does make me wonder though - what you do when the fingerprint reader up and dies, and I'm left wondering how the drivers for the keyboard, mouse and reader take up 60meg on your drive. But anyway - minor.

This one is in the officeworks clearance bin 50% off > Tech Products & Computer Supplies.


  • natimuk
    Is this a wired version, Admin? Pretty cheap for a wireless set, otherwise?
  • admin EDITOR
    wireless natimuk - thats why I put it up. Its a bargain for a wireless set (and genuine). I'm a wireless junkie. Probably raising my blood pressure with microwaves but I hate having plugs and bits and peices.
  • Brad
    "Only available in NSW & WA" :(
  • nod
    :w00t: WA for a change :D
  • Emma EDITOR
    Do you think I need a fingerprint reader for my home PC which no-one ever uses except me.... or is that an extravagance I don't really need... but want... but not necessary... but love gadgets.... !
  • admin EDITOR
    I just like the concept of not needing to enter passwords. Makes life a lot easier that way. Mind you - how good this is would come down to how well the MS software handled the passwords that you have to enter for each unique login.
  • allansmith85
    wireless natimuk - thats why I put it up. Its a bargain for a wireless set (and genuine). I'm a wireless junkie. Probably raising my blood pressure with microwaves but I hate having plugs and bits and peices.
    I too hate having messy wires. As far as I'm aware wireless mice and keyboard use a frequency of the electromagnetic spectrum that is closer to a radio wave than a microwave. A little off-topic but does anyone know exactly what dictates whether one wave is harmless, while a wave with a different wavelength (like a UV ray, X-ray, microwave) is not?
  • admin EDITOR
    From my limited understanding its generally a product of the frequency of the wave and the power of the transmission. There is an inverse relationship between frequency and its transmission capabilities. The basis of any frequency is that its a wave form of energy that must agitate on a molecular level to be able to travel. In the process of agitating its surroundings it loses a miniscule amount of the energy it contains. The further from transmission source it goes the more it attenuates (loses its energy and as a consequence its form). So the basis is generally the higher the frequency the harder you have to push it to get it where you need it because the faster it loses its energy passing through walls, people etc. The greater the energy and frequency of the waveform the more violently it agitates the things it passes through. Human cells arent terribly keen on being agitated and our airways are absolutely saturated with different waveforms (radio, satellite, tv, wireless, mobiles, blah blah). So literally you are sitting shaking as I type - just not on a noticeable or dangerous level. Some waveforms - ie bluetooth - are only transmitted on a very very low power level, one at which they are not dangerous, even though they are a high frequency. Others, like X-Rays are a super high frequency and will only travel a very short distance therefore need a very high transmission power. The frequency mobiles transmit at isnt high however the fact that you have an omnidirectional antenna (the transmission medium) stuck just centimeters from your head means you have the waves travelling through your skull and brain (if you have one) at max strength (relative). I could be wrong in some of my specifics but to the best of my understanding thats the basis of harmful vs non harmful. Stand within I think its 100m of a mobile antenna in the area of transmission and your basically getting fried on the scale of a microwave cooker - which by the way heats and cooks your food by causing it to vibrate violently, the by product of which is heat.
  • admin EDITOR
    BTW - you could use this unit on your new purchase :)

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