Microsoft Office Ultimate 2007 Software for Students ONLY $75

8 November 2007

Offer open to students who have an email address from a select list of Australian Universities and TAFE Colleges

Office Ultimate 2007 includes the entire Microsoft Office toolset that youre accustomed to working with at the office:

Microsoft Office Word 2007,
Microsoft Office Excel 2007,
Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007,
Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 with Business Contact Manager,
Microsoft Office Access 2007,
Microsoft Office Publisher 2007,
Microsoft Office OneNote 2007,
Microsoft Office Groove 2007, and Microsoft Office InfoPath 2007.

1. You must download the install file approx 600Mb yourself (or buy a CD)
2. With MS Office 2007 Ultimate you can only install this product a limited number of times* (then you need to call Microsoft and ask them to reset your counter).
3. This is great value for money if you need to use this software


  • nod
    I think that Microsoft had this offer last year or earlier this year. I did not know they were running it again but then again I think it was super popular last time. It is a very good offer. Thanks for letting us know about it Stevehl. Great to see you posting too :) Hope the deal gets nice and hot - it deserves to
  • stevehl
    Hi Nod Microsoft did have a similar deal last year but it was a different package and had less applications. The MS Office Ultimate 2007 Package has even more applications than MS Office Professional (see list above). From what I can tell this is not a version with reduced features. An unscrupulous sales person tried to tell me that Microsoft has different versions of MS Office ie one for small business and one for academic use. For newbies - be aware that: 1. MS Word 2007 files are in a different format than Word 2003 called DOCX (ie the file extension is not DOC) and Word 2007 looks quite different. A DOCX file is really a ZIP file which contains a number of files ie WINZIP can open and view the file. 2. Office 2007 can open Office 97 - 2003 DOC files. 3. In Word 2007 you can do a file "Save-As Word 97-2003" to create a backwards compatible MS Word file. 4. You do need to register MS Office (via internet or phone) in order to get access to all the features of the products.
  • nod
    Cool Thanks for extra info Stevehl. Very useful for those that can take this offer up :)
  • Brad
    Unexpired! This offer has been indefinitely extended by Microsoft. :)
  • craftykiwi
    We're still waiting to hear back from Microsoft Australia. Heard about this a few months or more back and thought it bit unfair that it was limited to certain Unis or TAFES. Surely all tertiary students with ID should be able to take advantage of the offer since aren't they all struggling and could use the offer to help with their studies. Anyway was hoping they might consider an application from a college not listed, but so far very poor service from them - still no word either way.
  • admin EDITOR
    That doesnt surprise me crafty - I imagine this is largely driven from the marketing department who's metric will be very narrowly defined.
  • bigal
    craftykiwi, are you able to actually go through the motions of buying it anyways? if you have to select an institution maybe select anything but use your college email address? cant hurt, i suspect its paid by credit card so you can always get it back if they dont accept it.
  • Bargrin
    how much does it cost to get them to send you discs ?
  • bigal
    i might be able to score a few if you are interested. its just the demo copy of the office an you buy a license to activate it
  • dealhunter08
    [url][/url] i got this a few weeks ago. Its legit and it works!

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