Microsoft hardware cashback offer: 25% off RRP

1 November 2008

Between 1st November 2008 and 31st January 2009 simply purchase one or more selected genuine Microsoft® Hardware products from an authorised reseller in Australia and you can redeem a Cash Back to the value of 25% off the recommended retail price (including GST). Once your claim has been received and verified, you will automatically be entered into the competition to win an experience of a lifetime and the Cash Back will be electronically paid into the account you nominate. Please allow 60 days from the time a claim has been received by Microsoft for delivery. Offer not valid in conjunction with any other offer.


  • nod
    this offer has been on two or three times this year There have been a few real bargains found too Everyone received those cashback from last time? Thanks Geo78
  • stilted
    never got my cashback - on a keyboard I purchased ( went through the right processes but still no sign of it after nearly 4 months)
  • golfwidow
    I got mine back after about 6 months :)
  • bigal
    if you havent received it, I'd follow it up with MS, this time round, you register it online and you get a claim number. Ring them and ask. They are actually quite good. Got my about 3 months after the claim this time. and they made a mistake with the refund, gave me 25% of the discounted price I paid instead of RRP so I rang and they go Oh, I see the mistake and promptly paid the difference.
  • geo78
    i've also received the cashback after calling them
  • sab988
    yah i got the entertainment desktop 8000 for $255 from harris technology ... got 10% back from paypal (promo) and $130 back from microsoft The RRP for this keyboard is around the $450 mark and i got it for $95 delivered :w00t:
  • bigal
    yup, that was a sweet buy. the cashback was 30% though
  • slamdunka
    Ive just noticed they sent me the wrong amount from the last one of these. Anyone got the number to call? The link I bookmarked is dead.
  • nod
    sorry Slamdunka I can only find an address :(
  • bigal
    When I made a claim earlier in the year, the details were sent to me via email
    Please print this email and send with a copy of your receipt to: Microsoft Hardware Cash Back Promotion Australia PO Box 6066, Silverwater NSW 1811 If you do not receive your cash back after 60 days please contact: 1800 233 033
  • slamdunka
    Nice. Thanks.

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