Microsoft - buy a PC for $1999 or more get a Xbox 360 4Gb kinect bundle.

29 January 2011

Dunno why I'd not found this before. Its been around for a while. Worth taking advantage of as even though its only the 4Gb bundle that you get its still worth a bit over $300.

From the promo
The offer is only valid on PCs (Personal Computers) sold to consumers at a retail price of $1,999 AUD and over and which support DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance). Personal Computer means either (i) a desktop personal computer inclusive of monitor on the one invoice with the monitor component of the invoice making up the minimum qualifying retail price of $1,999 being not greater than $399, (ii) desktop personal computer without monitor, (iii) All in One Desktop or (iv) a notebook personal computer. The Personal Computer product must also be a retail packaged product.

Offer is only valid on retail purchases between 13.01.11 and 28.02.11 (Promotional Period). Claims are not allowed on back-ordered products or products that are still awaiting arrival into store or delivery to the customer.


  • admin EDITOR
    More info on what the DNLA is can be ]found here. Makes me chuckle that Microsoft is pushing a standard that was originally developed by Sony...... Participating retailers are listed on the linked page.
  • wfdTamar
    Yes, but how overpriced is a $2000 computer from any of those retailers going to be? A bit annoying these limited 'big retailer' offers. Excluding the local shops from participating and increasing the Harvey Normanisation of our shopping.
  • Brad
    A few of the retailers do price beats, so you would get the price down a bit - making sure it was still over $1999 of course :D Bit steep that they're asking $50 to send the xbox out though..
  • admin EDITOR
    And its a shame that its the 4GB model :)

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