Mazuma Mobile - TIP Get Cash for Your Old Mobile Phones

24 August 2010

I think this is a great idea to get rid of old mobile phones.
Simply search the model of phone you have, select if the phone is working or not working, then they will give you an instant quote.
If you accept the quote they send you a free post bag to send in your old phone and you receive your payment.


  • kazyazy
  • Atoxim
    PMSL $1.60 for my working phone, think I might keep using it for a bit longer.
  • vipulrm
    They say they'll give me $30 for my working sony ericsson smartphone :0 Thanks, but no thanks. I'm keeping it.
  • kazyazy
    My old phones just sit in my drawer so any money I get for them is great !
  • markr
    I always thought second hand dealers were required by law to pay 1/3 of what they re-sell the items for. Paying people on an average $5, (which will probably equate to the $1.60 in most cases unless it is a smart phone) for phone components that will be recycled and re-used sounds rather lucrative. It is a business venture and I wish that these types of ventures, which are becoming very prevalent did not dress themselves up as some kind of "eco saviours", when they really have the same business mentality that creates the mess in the first place: "reap profits".
  • cocopop
    you'd get more money for your phone selling it on ebay or something, they completely rip you off! think it's only good if you can't be bothered or it's a really old phone and you'd rather have the $5 than a back up.
  • vipulrm
    Totally agree with cocopop. You will get better bucks on ebay. And if you have just one spare phone, it'll better serve as a backup than to sell it to these guys.

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