Maxtor portable HDD 250GB - $99 @ KMart

20 May 2008

Maxtor portable HDD - 250GB - $99 @ KMart. Starts Thursday. Anywhere else is double the price.


  • diider
    great deal there. might have to grab another one of these HDD this week. really weird thing is though that I have never seen them sell portable HDDs at at least 4 kmarts that i go regularly..
  • lindanat
    Same me either but hey for $99 ill grab one
  • admin EDITOR
    Good price for a 2.5" geo - hot from me.
  • bt34
    Thinking of grabbing one, but not a fan of the Y-cable.
  • diider
    i called my local kmart and the lady said that it's likely that it's the 250gb 3.5 ones as it is selling for $129 at the moment. everything can be confirmed tomorrow morning so i shall report back when I hear anything :)
  • diider
    it's definitely the 3.5" one cause i called up 3 stores to ask. they were like 3.5" is still portable. like hello? how is that really portable?
  • admin EDITOR
    ha - thanks for that diider. In that case its pretty crappy value. Portable, so long as you love carrying bricks around.
  • Wally
    Not bad price even if it is 3.5" .. but 2.5" woulda been excellent!
  • bt34
    So, it's definitely a 3.5"? *puts money back in wallet.
  • admin EDITOR
    Apparently so bt.
  • lum
    i'd say it's quite bad for a 3.5" as you can get 500gbs for around 140ish and 750 for 170ish (from memory), so 250gbs for 100bucks isn't good at all in $/gb sense, + it's quite small..
  • evilhomey
    It is indeed the 3.5" version. The friendly kmart staffer said it was a printing error in the catalogue.
  • admin EDITOR
    Damn - it would have been a good buy.

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