Maxtor basics 1Tb 3.5" external drive $164 at Officeworks

19 May 2009

Its an older model, but the price is pretty good for a terrabyte of space. I guess in any case your covered by a 3 year warranty. Hardly Normals is selling the same for $177.

Still not as good a price as the dick smiths one a while back ($134 or so)


  • admin EDITOR
    When I was checking how good the officeworks price was I noticed the Harvey Normans price promise and got to thinking that if they were prepared to refund 110% of the difference if the product could be found cheaper elsewhere it made me wonder whether that couldnt be used to get this unit cheaper (although not by a huge amount). But then I ended up confused reading their price promise terms and conditions ( Can anyone tell me whether the price promise only works where you find the item cheaper at another harvey norman franchise or whether they are referring to the wider world of other competitors.
  • fishmonkey
    it means from another local store...

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