Maxtor 160GB External Hard Drive

Maxtor 160GB External Hard Drive USB2.0, 7200rpm spin speed, 8MB cache buffer. (page 18).


  • admin
    holdenmg - is this the maxtor basic?? I'm thinking it cant be the one touch. They'd be selling it a 50% off if was...
  • jayne
    Catalogue just shows this:
  • admin
    which looks very similar to the pictures of the maxtor basic.... hmmmm. The price on the basic is $100 - $120 while the one touch is around $170. I like to beleive Big W were doing a super bargain but I think they're a little smarter than they look.
  • nod
    The bonus is that you do not need to pay shipping but I guess you may need to pay transport costs to get to your nearest BigW not a bad find :) Thank Holdenmg
  • stinkmeister
    I say maxtor basic.

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