MacUpdate Promo.

16 July 2007

Got a Mac, an Apple Mac?
Sure you do...

MacUpdate has partnered with the 10 best selling Mac programs on You can buy the bundle for USD $49.99 (about AUD $57.25) instead of USD $433.82, a savings of USD $483.83. This amazing offer won't last long.

Your Deal:
The Mac community worked together for a week to collectively unlock all 10 applications into the bundle. Buy now and become the immediate owner of TechTool Pro, Intaglio, Little Snitch, GraphicConverter, Fetch, iWOW, GarageSale, Cocktail, ProfCast, and Amadeus Pro.
Your registrations will be available instantly after purchase (no waiting).

Bonus App w/time extension:
MacUpdate and developers want make sure that everyone gets to enjoy buying this bundle with all 10-applications unlocked.
Because your all pulled through and hit the final goal, we've decided to extend the sale for 3-days and then shut the promo down for good.

And to add flavor to the bundle, we're tossing in one last gem into the bundle:

It enhances iPhoto slideshow presentations; it's a tool everyone can use. We're huge fans! (Serial numbers will be sent out Tues-Wed to everyone).

Free USD $20 Membership:
After you purchase, you will be given four invite coupons. Send the coupons to your friends and you will now get a free Membership.
If your friends purchase using the coupon link, they also will get a free Membership and you will unlock the rest of the bundle much faster.


  • admin EDITOR
    interesting little mix of stuff there holdenmg. Ta. Unfortunately nothing there I really need otherwise I'd be tempted to buy.
  • holdenmg
    Hi, There is also (a slightly different mix).
  • admin EDITOR
    do you know anyone using Exces ? I'm in need of a good password vault. Got too many of the things. Browseback sounds interesting though I cant see how it wouldnt be a massive overhead. Do you use any of the stuff in those two packages ?
  • holdenmg
    Hi, I thing Exces seems a little under-developed. There are some reviews here: and So many passwords and PIN's... I feel like I should pay for Graphic Converter as it is a good can-opener and TechTool Pro is worth having unless you move up to Disk Warrior which is overkill unless it is a mission critical send in the coffee/chocolate meltdown situation. Anyway, I'm going to cast over both of them and have a think. Another outstanding site is:
  • admin EDITOR
    neat - ta holdenmg
  • admin EDITOR
    holdenmg - bit of a thread jack - but have you used omnigrapple before. Or ozpete?
  • stinkmeister
    have used it and its a fantastic little program

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