MacHeist for USD$49

21 January 2008

Last year's bundle caused a frenzy in the Mac community, selling over 16,000 copies in a week. This year, we're setting our sights a little higher, with a larger bundle, a two week sale, and what we believe to be a stronger collection of apps.

Simply put, this is the best Mac software deal in history.

VectorDesigner $69.95
Snapz Pro X $69.00
Pixelmator $59.00
CSSEdit $29.95
AppZapper $12.95
Tiki Magic Mini Golf $29.95
1password $29.95
CoverSutra $22.00
Cha-Ching $40.00
iStopMotion $49.00
Awaken $12.95
Speed Download $25.00
Wingnuts 2 $29.95
TaskPaper $18.95

A USD$498.60 value...


  • nod
    I am a PC' er .... if that is how you say it :D But this does look like great value. I am sure you will make some Mac Buckscoopers very happy.... Now where is that donkey ...... :D
  • holdenmg
    That's O.K. nod, PC' er's are just people who have not found Mac's yet. That said, why let them know? It will only create demand and drive the price up! It can be our secret. :+)
  • nod
    :D I do like the Mac concept. And I think they are great looking. They are or appear to be a lo easier to deal with than the PC. Does my head in sometimes. But for now I am a happy little HP PC'er :D Apple are certainly pushing the envelope.. What do you think of the new ultra thin Holdenmg? Tempted?
  • holdenmg
    Oooh yeah, but I need something that can take the knocks, so the regular MacBook might have to fill the bill a little longer... but it is tempting...
  • nod
    Are they are bit delicate are they?? I must admit I just looked at the piccies :D I do think though that once this HP dies I will go to the dark side and see what all the fuss is about
  • holdenmg
    I noticed that Hitachi is biting the dust (in Oz anyway) so there may be some deep discounting in the pipeline...
  • nod
    hmmmm .... that is interesting. I guess Oz is not a good market for them. But worth keeping our eyes open over the next few weeks/months as you would think that they would want to 'cash-up' a bit Thanks for the heads up Holdenmg :)
  • jockreby2003
    Snapz Pro for US$49 is well worth the money. The rest of the applications are a nice bonus.
  • Brad
    Cheers for the info jockreby2003, and welcome to Buckscoop! Do you use Snapz Pro? Any feedback?
  • nod
    Welcome to Buckscoop Jockreby2003 And thanks for the feedback :)

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