LSK - 35% off ALL speakers

2 September 2010

The Loud Speaker Kit sell speaker kits you can make yourself, or ones that have been already built. Quality is high, so if you're handy with glue and have some time on your hands you end up with a speaker that can sound as good as something that costs twice as much. [They also have guides on how to make the finished speakers look good as well]. For example the S250 sub costs $999 as a kit but is easily equivalent to many subs that would cost you $2k or more.

They're moving warehouse so have a 35% off everything sale. So that S250 now costs $779.35 and may actually qualify for free shipping....

Review for the S250 is here:

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  • ninkasi
    FYI Although I'm happy to leave the speakers as they are, or perhaps sand the boxes down and then break out the can of automotive spray paint, ]iron on veneer can be got from the likes of Bunnings, and is probably the easiest way to get a professional looking finish to kit speakers.

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