Logitechshop.co.au- Sale on Logitech kit with free shipping until 6AM tomorrow

2 December 2009

This is a new merchant to me but is owned by Best Buy Tek Pty Ltd ABN: 49 131 533 812

Logitech pure-fi mobile $69 Delivered

Logitech Harmony 785 Advanced Remote Control $85

Logitech Harmony 525 Advanced Remote Control $69

Logitech Guitar & Drum Kit for PS2 / PS3 FREE Postage $285


  • robs
    Squeezebox Duet at $279 is a very keen price also - way less than eBay.
  • eron
    Anyone found any discount codes for this site?
  • fishmonkey
    hmmm, wonder how long it will take Logitech to shut that site down...

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