Logitech Z623 speakers for $115 delivered from Logitechshop

9 January 2013

Classis case of why blind faith in marketing isn't good and distribution agreements can be painful for manufacturers.

Logitech put out a message on their facebook feed pointing people to buy the Z623 for $129 at Dick Smiths. After a quick search around the Dick Smith price was also equalled by Officeworks - so depending on your preference either would do.

Seemed like a decent deal. They're not bad speakers and probably the best you'll get at this price range. Prices for the Z623's elsewhere are still in the region $145+ with JB HiFi way off the mark at $239.

But digging a bit deeper, Logitech themselves have a deal on direct selling the speakers for $115 with free delivery to boot.......

Sounds better to me.

What do you think?

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