LOGITECH X540 5.1 Surround Speakers $94 or $107 delivered @ Dick Smith

10 February 2009

DSE are claiming these are half price, they are a lot cheaper than elseware but not quite half price.

Now the free delivery kicks in at $99 and these are a bit short of that so you need to find a filler item for $5 to take advantage. At $107 they are still a cheap buy. ( I added a steel rule T6145 $4.99 to get the free shipping)

Cat No. XH9614
* Create 5.1 surround sound with centre speaker
* Front and rear satellites and ported subwoofer
* Total RMS power: 70 Watts RMS
* Connect headphones to enjoy your games and music privately


  • fishmonkey
    as a lover of good audio, i shudder to think what the sound quality from 6 cheapo speakers like this is...
  • admin EDITOR
    :D - I think the logitech theory is to pump the bass through the roof to compensate. Have been listening to music through a Logitech X-5500 lately. Not bad sound but the speakers are a little tinny when you get further away from the subwoofer which is massive.

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