Logitech Shop - Logitech Harmony 515 Remote Control & PS3 Adapter - $75

5 February 2010

The Logitech shop has the Logitech 515 for $39.95, a few bucks cheaper than other retailers, but you can also pick up a ps3 adapter from the Logitech website for an extra $35

This is a great price combined as the official sony blu-ray remote for the ps3 is about $40 or so anyway...you may as well combine all your remotes into one for that little bit extra as the ps3 adapter alone seems to be a bit pricey too...I can't find it anywhere for less than $70!

So for the Logitech remote alone it's $39.95
The ps3 adapter alone is also $39.95

Combined together you can buy them for a bit less @ $75 including shipping.

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  • ninkasi
    Thanks taskel. The remote is $60 at Dick Smith, and the adapter is $80, so $75 delivered for both is a great deal. I needed to replace a 525 the kids have killed, and I'm thinking about getting a PS3 so - even though the 515 can't control as many devices as the 525 - I've put the order in! Cheers.

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