LOGITECH MOMO Racing Force $98 save $80 - DICK SMITH

5 April 2008

I had a look elsewhere and the best I could find was $104 at an online store so the fact you can go pick this one up would save postage.

For a list of stores near you http://www.dse.com.au/cgi-bin/dse.storefront pop in your postcode.

Turbocharge your driving with the authentic feel and precision performance of the Logitech MOMO Racing Force Feedback Wheel. Designed by the racing professionals at MOMO the full rubber wheel, stick shifter, and racing pedals feel just like the real thing. And with advanced force feedback technology, you'll experience the road like never before. Strap yourself in and drive into the action!


~Force Feedback Technology - Lets user feel the road, bumps, car handling, collisions,& other forces encountered in racing games

~Full Rubber Wheel - Provides comfortable grip all around the wheel for precise steering control

~2 Paddle Shifters - Large, wheel-mounted shifters allow quick gear changes with both hands on the wheel for maximum control

~Realistic Gas & Brake Pedals - authentic racing pedals look and feel
240 Degree Wheel Rotation - Wide range of rotation for more realistic and precise steering control

~PACKAGE CONTENT : Logitech MOMO Racing wheel with stick shifter,Pedals, Setup Guide, Profiler SW CD-ROM, 240V Power Supply
SYS REQS : PC with Pentium proc or compat, 64MB RAM, 20MB HDD,CD-ROM drive, Available USB port, Win 98/2000/Me or Win XP

~Sequential Stick Shifter - Provides realistic gear shifting control for NASCAR, Rally, and GT races

~The shift knob can be moved from right to left side to meet regional driving standards

~6 Programmable Buttons - Easy control of view changes, mirrors,gauges, and other car functions

~Status Indicators - Lights show when power and force feedback are on
Large pedals base with carpet grip system

~Generous sized base for maximum stability,
Carpet grip sys prevents slipping around on carpet floors

~Triple clamping system - Holds the wheel base tight and secure


  • nod
    6 bucks is not a huge saving on the price but as you say you can go and pick this one up. But you also will pay in petrol and time :D
  • Keeys
    $6 wasn't including shipping though, so dpending on what that was. This varied hugely in price now idea why anything from this upto $100 more with most about $60 more than this price.
  • admin EDITOR
    :) - they've got a left hand drive pictured.... thats going to screw a few people up.

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