Logitech Audiohub $49 clearance @ Harris Technology

22 February 2009

The Logitech AudioHub delivers full sized sound for your notebook though the use of high excursion drivers and an innovative 3 chamber design with integrated subwoofer. Get organized! Use this premium one piece speaker system for quick & easy connections to your favorite USB devices thru a built-in, 3 port USB hub. The sleek, space saving design incorporates a unique cable management feature allowing you to connect or disconnect your speaker and accessories with a single cable. AudioHub adjusts to your notebooks screen width and/or fits under your LCD monitor. The removable stand conveniently holds your webcam in the optimum position leaving it ready to use at anytime.

Excellent device for notebooks - super improvement in sound compared to notebook speakers, works also as powered USB hub.
Works with Mac and WinXP really well (auto installs as sound card/device Audiohub) .
Shopbot price $100


  • admin EDITOR
    Ha - interesting little device. Sounds like they have it slightly wonky in that it needs to be mains powered on it own - probably because of the subwoofer - which takes away quite a bit of the 'portability'. Couple of reviews - ]everything USB, ]digital trends and ]test freaks.
  • hbtoh
    It's not really a portable device. It's more a docking station with beefed up sound. You can have your printer, mouse and external hard drive plugged into the Audiohub, so you only need to plug in 1 USB cable to the notebook, also helpfully the unit powers down when the computer is not connected.

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