Logic Gear GPS SL350 for $79 from Officeworks, Elizabeth St Melbourne

3 March 2008

As per title, I saw it on sale just 2 days ago(behind the counter , there's a clearance sign for the model) and it looks decent and runs on sensis maps(which means they are upgradeable). It is however, sorta old but pretty good price for a basic gps system. The specs are as follows:

Operating System:
Windows CE Net 5.0

GPS Module:
SIRF star iii / 20 channels
Position Accuracy: <10 metres

Embedded high sensitive antenna

Samsung SS2440 / ARM9 300Mhz processor

3.5" TFT touch screen / 65k colours / QVGA / 320 x 240 pixels

SD Card 512MB or Nand Flash 512MB / 64MB SD RAM

Storage Format:
SD/MMC memory expansion module up to 2GB

Built-in Speaker 1 watt
3.55mm stereo audio output

Battery: 1150mAh Li-ion / Approx 3 hours

USB: V2.0 full speed

Weight: 189 grams

Dimensions (W x H x D):
93 x 87 x 22.8mm

Multimedia Player
Music MP3 (up to 44KHz) WMA (up to 44KHz) WAV
Video MPEG-2, MPEG-4

Map Solution
Logic Gear Navigation v6.0 Plus (developed by Nav-N-Go)
Sensis Whereis Version 14 standard map (May 07) preloaded, no activation required

The link will bring you to the official logic gear website so you can see the photos of this little unit.

For those not in Melbourne, it might be worth to give your local Officeworks a ring to see if they've got one lying around :)

Good luck !


  • sab988
    For a GPS with a [FONT=Helvetica]SIRF star 3 chip , this is cheap :eek: [/FONT]
  • holdenmg
    Checked 6 March. Out of Stock at that price.
  • kingyubbo
    Geez... freakin bargain. For just a basic GPS it's great value even if it is a little slow and outdated.
  • diider
    My mate picked one up just the night before. Might have been a display but in perfect nick!
  • admin EDITOR
    For a GPS with a [FONT=Helvetica]SIRF star 3 chip , this is cheap :eek: [/FONT]
    Is that a good one sab ?

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