Loads of Computer Bits on SALE @ Surpass Computers

23 October 2007

A nice selection of computer parts on sale at Surpaass Computers.
I love the pink PC case!


  • admin EDITOR
    Watch out for some of the prices in there. The HTC phone as an example is $100+ more expensive than can be found elsewhere. The Maxtor 160Gb drive is a good price though - compared to other stores.
  • nod
    LOL not sure I could take a pink computer seriously. I know that sounds silly as it is just a case but... :D I have checked out the prices on the SE phones and you can pick these up cheaper elsewhere too
  • admin EDITOR
    not quite my style but I like the pink case - its out there....
  • mmmntl
    have people actually voted this hot? the deals don't seem that great... perhaps somebody from the website decided to score some free advertising by getting his friends to vote for his website? abusing the system isn't cool
  • Emma EDITOR
    Yes, people have voted this hot. The way our system works, the person from the website cannot just come along and vote it hot. You have to build up your reputation on buckscoop in order to have a vote which weighs something. There's more info on this in the links in my sig.. Welcome to the forums mmmntl.
  • mmmntl
    thanks jayne sorry i was unaware of how the system works... cheers again
  • admin EDITOR
    mmmntl - first off welcome. Otherwise - the temperature of a deal is comprised of 3 main elements, the votes, the views and the visits. On deals such as this one, where there is novelty value, you will often find a high temp because it gets quite a lot of peoples attention and quite a lot of people will visit it. So in this instance it doesnt always mean value but as much popularity.

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