LG L1953S-SF - Flat panel display - TFT - 19" @ Harris Tech $259 +4.05% cashback

15 September 2007

I'm going to put this up to try and get you lot to tear it down.

Harris have this monitor in the clearance bin for $259. Its pretty hard to value as there's nowhere else in Au that has that particular model. There's plenty of the T's as opposed to S's.

But from what I could find its a good spec @ 5ms and a 2000:1 contrast ratio. The price is good compared to other 19" monitors and its cheaper than the T version of the same model.

So why cant I find much information on it??


  • nod
    The next cheapest I can find it for is $275 but due to the lack of info I suspect it is not such a great model
  • admin EDITOR
    Not so good or old - not sure.
  • nod
    very true, it could just be an old model
  • admin EDITOR
    They'v bumped the price by $20 to $279 so I'll expire it as I put it up here to get comments and its now more expensive.

What do you think?

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