LG BD300 Blu-ray Player, $349 @ Big Brown Box

2 February 2009

prices for Blu-ray players are really dropping now...

* 1080p Upscaling via HDMI Out
* Super Audio CD
* USB Input (MP3, JPEG Playback)
* External HDD playback (via USB)
* Fast Boot Up & Disc Loading
* BD Rom Profile 2.0
* Network BD Live
* Dolby True HD /Dolby Digital Plus

12 months manufacturer's warranty, extended warranty available...

free shipping...


  • admin EDITOR
    Cnet's review ]here (8/10) and Gizmodo's is ]here. Its a model that came out in mid 2008 and has already been superceded, which I guess gives an indication of how fast the technology is changing.
  • admin EDITOR
    Shame - its only just outside of the 4 month bigpond dvd rental offer that LG had on it. http://www.lge.com.au/bd300/terms.asp Good price though fishmonkey.
  • fishmonkey
    the fact is, most of the really cheap deals are for superceded models...

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