Lexar professional 16gb SDHC 133x card for $49.08 delivered.

15 February 2011

Pretty good price from crazysales.com.au on this card. They were released mid year last year at a rrp of $129 and still sell in the range of $70 upwards. I've got an 8gig version of one of these in my dSLR and no complaints so far.

This comes delivered for free and is the 133x model which for most non professional stuff is good enough. The professional ones these days run at a 600x write speed.


  • ninkasi
    Nice. I also have an 8gig version of this and have been happy with it. Maybe I'll get one of these 16 gig jobs, although I now have an ]Eye-fi card and find that brilliant in my compact camera, and have been thinking about getting a Pro version for the DSLR. With the Eye-fi, after taking some photos they all get uploaded and backed up (to my pc and dropbox folder) automatically when at home - no having to take the card out or hook the camera up to the pc. All I have to remember to do is every now and then copy any new images onto an external drive that I keep at work and then I have three separate backups (local disk, disk at work, and 'cloud' dropbox). Next firmware update is going to allow me to do the same remotely via my iPhone when I'm not somewhere I have access to a known wifi AP.... Another 16gig card would be good for video though - would give me about 100 minutes of 720p footage on the Canon S95.... Anyhow, Class 10/133x is pretty much the fastest SDHC card (600x are the fastest compact flash cards) you can get at the moment, although some ]Class 16/233x have been announced so perhaps that's why the price of this has come down so much. An interesting thing to note is that not all cards are created equally - the 133x indicates the speed of the card compared to the original CD. 1x means it can read data at the same speed as an original CD drive.... 133x means it's 133 times faster. The 233x Class 16 Pretec is faster than the 133x Lexar but but write speed can vary dramatically between cards of the same class. Sometimes, in fact, a lower class card can be faster than a higher class card. For example, the 133x Lexar has a write speed of around 20MB/s whilst the 233x Pretec is 16MB/s. So in practice I expect that I would prefer the Lexar as write speed is more important to me when taking photos.... don't want to have to wait for a write to finish before being able to take another shot.... Basically - good deal. Thanks, Donkey!
  • ninkasi
    I would note that I do have a 16gb Class 10 card from another manufacturer - and I've had a couple of corrupted images with it (fortunately nothing important) so I don't use it. It was slightly cheaper than this Lexar, so just goes to show that sometimes it's better to pay that little bit more!
  • ninkasi
    In addition, the card (according to the picture on the website) includes a copy of the "]Image Rescue" software that costs US$33.99 on their website.... don't really need it, but then again you never know.... ;-)
  • ninkasi
    For what it's worth, you can still buy the card for this price & shipping is included. They also have the 8GB version for $26.30 and a horribly expensive ($171.28) but fast 600x udma 16GB compact flash. The card I ordered arrived yesterday and included a piece of paper in the box with the code to download/enable the ]Image Rescue software (download 'trial' software, then install and enter code when prompted).

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