Lenovo have issued a very nice coupon code for this weekend. Discount range is 10% to 40% off.

We have just posted a coupon code on the Lenovo ecoupons & vouchers page which is valid this weekend until Sunday. It can be used for a variable level of discount depending on the price of the machine you buy / configure. Lenovo Australia are banking on people configuring the machines, adding up the purchase price.


The full table of discounts is as follows.

For Lenovo ThinkPad laptops - Excluding Edge E130 laptops and Lenovo ThinkCentre desktops - Excluding M78 desktops

10% off  $550 or more
15% off  $700 or more
20% off  $1800 or more
30% off  $3000 or more
40% off  $4000 or more

For ThinkStation workstations
10% off everything.
20% off  $1600 or more
30% off  $3000 or more
40% off  $4000 or more

For ThinkServer TS130 servers
15% off ThinkServer TS130 servers when your config is $1500 or more
25% off ThinkServer TS130 servers when your config is $2500 or more

And then theres 10% off all ThinkVision Monitors (excludes LT1421)


I posted a deal the other day which applied the Lenovo coupon to the base X1 Carbon Ultralight laptops. You get a base 15% discount on one if you dont configure it. The price at Lenovo was very good compared to the open market. This made me play a bit more with the coupon to see what sort of machines with what sort of spec you could build at what price.

So using it on the top of the range Lenovo X1 Carbon Ultrabook which has the following base spec.

Intel Core i7-3667U Processor (4M Cache, up to 3.20 GHz)
Intel HD 4000 Graphics in Intel Core i7-3667U Processor with 8GB 1333MHz DDR3L On Board
8 GB PC3-10600 DDR3L SDRAM 1333MHz SODIMM Memory (1 DIMM)
14.0" Premium HD+ (1600x900) LED Backlit Display, 720p HD Camera, Mobile Broadband Enabled
TrackPoint with Fingerprint Reader and Clickpad - Type US
128GB Solid State Drive, SATA3
1 Year Depot/Express Warranty

The base price on it is $1471 to begin with. As I said before thats pretty good. I changing the configuration - its already an i7 processor so there's not a whole lot of point playing with that to get a couple extra Ghz. Save your money. Upgrading Windows 8 to Windows 8 Pro…. not worth the bother. The one downside here is that you cant up the RAM. Your stuck with 8Gb of Ram which is more than you'll typically need or use but if your a heavy browser window opener and heavy application user you'll find yourself topping it out eventually. The standard SSD at 128Gb is a bit small so upgrade it to either of the 256 Gb drives. Now.... at this point the price pre discount coupon $2819. The SSD upgrade is priced at $500 which is a bit silly. Because the pre coupon price is < $3000 the discount level on the drive is only 20%. to make the 30% off . To make the 3k level I added MS Office 2013 Home and Student, which is priced pretty well so worth it and a ultraslim keyboard. The brought the pre coupon price up to $3000.91 and the post coupon price to $2008.64. I know that this is $700-800 less than the same machine is selling for at reseller level which in an excellent price.

If your not driven by having an i7 processor and don't mind 4gb Ram then the exact same configuration with the low end X1 will cost you 1,594.24. Low end means an i5 2.7Ghz processor, 4Gb RAM and 256 Gb SSD. Which is still a great spec.


Now the same exercise on the top model ThinkPad X320 12.5". The base model price post Lenovo coupon code is $1469.65. This comes with the i7 processor and Windows pro 64.

The first upgrade was to up the display to Premium HD. Your going to stare at this for hours so make it good and its only a 12.5" laptop. This brought the post coupon to $1483. I then dropped in 16gb RAM which to me is essential these days for a  post coupon price of  $1764. I upgraded the SS to the 256 model as it was already discounted by 50% on this model so its a very decent price. Post coupon price was now $1964. The last thing I added to this machine was the 9 cell battery which, again, I consider to be essential.

For me, I'd consider this to be a hefty and very mobile work laptop. @ 16gb of RAM, the 9 cell battery and the i7 processor this will be a very fast and little machine. The final price post coupon code $2008.80 which is equal to the Carbon Ultrabook configuration above but this is actually a better spec if you ask me.

Playing with the desktops

I'll always go the all in one variety myself but the problem here is that there is little configurability on these. Your just playing with warranty and accessories so not materially changing the spec of the machine itself. That takes me back to the mini desktops. This by the way gives you a better discount off buying a monitor as it combines to give up to 42% off rather than the coupon code which stops at 10% off.

So with a ThinkCentre M92p Tiny at the basic config your looking at $908 post coupon. To make this a better machine did the following.

Left it at the standard Windows 8. Increased the RAM to 8Gb for a post discount price of  $1067. I then changed the main drive to the 128gb SSD for a post coupon price of $1177. As this will be your main working drive making it an SSD will impact on the over speed of the machine. I then included a second drive - that being the 1tb SATA. It doesn't matter so much that this is a 5400 spin drive as its just your dumping drive where you put all the movies, music etc and given that the SSD is relatively small your going to want somewhere to dump stuff. There were no other bits I considered worth playing with so left this deal here for a post Lenovo coupon discount price of $1327. This would be a  quick machine small form factor machine. The only thing that is annoying is that you can't upgrade the video card which would top this off.

There are some limitations to the coupon code but that is mainly down to only be able to spec any of the machines up to a certain level. Overall, its a very good price you end up with whichever way you configure the laptop or desktop if your after a Lenovo.

What do you think?

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