Lebara Mobile: Prepaid Sim with special low cost international rates

31 March 2009

They have SIMS like this in the UK but I think this is a first for Australia.

Sim is free, then international calls from 5c a min depending on the country.

You also get $15 free when you recharge $30. You also get $5 free when you activate online.

Definitely a good deal for those who want to make international calls from their mobile - when I was in the UK and phoning Australia a lot, I had one of these type of sims!


  • joelwilliam
    National Tariffs When you switch to Lebara Mobile you always get great value flat-rates whenever you make national calls from your mobile: Lebara Mobile to Lebara Mobile: Free*† Landlines and other Australian Mobiles: 20c per min* National SMS: 15c per message Calls to ‘1300/1800’ prefix numbers: 20c per min* Calls to emergency services (000, 112): FREE Please note, premium rate phone lines and premium rate SMS services are not accessible from Lebara Mobile. *A flagfall of 15c applies and all prices include GST †Free for first 10 minutes, 20c thereafter So 15c for 10 minutes any-time to someone else on Lebara seems pretty good. As does 20c a minute to Numbers in AUS.
  • oleglap
    Which network do they use? Optus?
  • lilpretzel
    Hi oleglap I found this for you ;)
    Vodafone supplies the Services to Lebara and Lebara resupplies the Services to You.

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