1 August 2011

foWatch movies, listen to music, view images and read books - all on a glorious 5" full colour TFT ultra thin LCD screen. Load content via Micro SD card (or via USB connection) and enjoy up to six hours of continuous use on one charge (up to 15 hours for just music). Features include: - Slim and stylish 5" TFT screen design with Full-Colour high resolution LCD (800x 480) - Great for movies! - Media Player on board for Video's, Music, and images (all in colour) - Supports an extensive range of media formats including MP3, WMA, AVI, RMVB, MP4, FLV, VOB, JPG, BMP, PNG, TXT, GTML, EPUB, PDF, DOC, RTF etc. - Micro SD memory card expansion up to 16GB, includes 2GB on board memory - Lithium-polymer battery for long life use. (Music: 15hrs playback; video: 5.5hrs; E-book: 6hrs - depends on brightness and volume settings und this deal - available only on Myer online - a 5 inch colour ebook reader



  • macaholic
    Anyone seen/know/bought this make model before? Is it rubbish?
  • Poss81
    We have sold this brand in my retail store before & it was crap. Almost all the GPS we sold came back faulty & 60-70% of the MP3 players came back faulty. Both these products were very hard to use, not intuitive at all. If a customer bought a product that was DOA we would claim it back from Laser, they would then return a refurbished one back to the store for us to sell as a new one. I refuse to stock this brand, They are dodgy. Please note I have never used or sold this product & I never will either.
  • prettynpink
    Just an my Laser Ereader last week and wanted to give it a try before posting - have loaded several Ebooks (which took less than 30 seconds each to load) - have loaded a couple of dozen songs and a few pics......have used it over the past few days and for the price i am pretty pleased with it.....the sound quality on the speakers when playing music is pretty good (you can listen to songs whilst reading) - the books are not a problem to read (with a magnifiying option when reading) - overall I am pretty pleased with how it works and the options it provides for the price ...and it fits in my handbag no problems and I can take it with me on the bus and have a book with me to read. But that's just my opinion and I am no tech head or anything like it .

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