Laser 2GB MP3/FM Player from COTD $40.75 + 4.95% Cashback

3 March 2008

"Available in three sexy colours, with a clip on ready to attach to your clothes, and a set of white earbuds, these fantastic MP3 players by Laser feature:

* Massive 2GB capacity - that's over 500 songs!
* Backlit LCD Display - View ID3 data such as song title, artist, album and lyrics!
* Built in 7-mode digital equalizer - bass, disco, classic, pop, jazz, rock, normal
* FM Tuner!
* Voice Recording!
* 3 beautiful colours, with clip's ready to attach to your clothes. Perfect for jogging!
* Included white mini earbud headphones!"

(Price - 32.80 + 7.95 postage)

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  • nod The same unit is around $41 plus postage at Barns Australia and Betterit. So not a bad price delivered. I have no idea what the quality of this brand would be. Anyone know?

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