KROSS Digital Set Top Box (SD) - $49.95 - Deals Direct - Cashback 5.85%

From the site:
"Watch your favourite television programs in clear digital format on your standard analogue TV with this Kross digital set top box. Complete with remote, cables and instruction manual, you can watch amazing quality TV with complete simplicity. An absolute bargain, don't miss your chance to own one of these before stocks run out!"

Shipping: $9.95 Australia Wide

This is more than the unit I found at DSE, but which was unavailable in my area. It's cheaper than the unit I ended up buying at Coles ($60) - but only just once you factor postage. I don't know how units differ, but Deals Direct also has an alternate unit at the same price. Check the specs if you're interested.


  • ScarletRubies
  • ScarletRubies
    Did a Jayne with my picture here! :) People might be interested in seeing if a ]local DSE has the $29 unit; otherwise, $49.95 is the best price I can find right now. Some local B&Ms have had them at the same price, but stock levels are always unpredictable. I just rang Dickies, and found out that the $29 unit is a refurb. Still has the same warranty.
  • Brad
    I have previously posted it ]here :p
  • nod
    oooppss. Is there a real difference between the Olin or Kross model? Neither are high end brands. But a bargain to get Digital TV on an analogue tv Thanks ScarletRubies What make is the unit for Coles? And you enjoying your digital viewing experience?
  • ScarletRubies
    Sorry, Brad! I didn't see it/notice it when I searched for the deals. Nod, no idea if the specs are different for the 2 units - I assume they are both low end, and worth the same amount, but they do look very different and one model may suit someone's existing system (style) better. The Olin would look better in my entertainment unit. We got an "MTV" badged thing; I would hazard a guess and say the guts are no different to these! At the moment, it's not doing us any good at all. My husband has had the aerial off the roof, is trying to realign it and is now talking about replacing cables (and maybe the jolly aerial). We have never had good reception of SBS (UHF, I think?), and the digital signal we're getting at the moment needs adjustment. We'll get there.

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