Kogan FIO GPS $329 SAVE $100 - ONE DAY ONLY

10 May 2007

The last few sold on eBay for $499

Five In One! The most feature packed GPS on the market!

The Kogan FIO is the most feature packed portable GPS navigator on the market. Not only does it have a state of the art GPS navigation engine, it also boasts a super sensative and precise SiRF Star III GPS receiver (20 channel) - we get a signal inside our office and most other portable GPS units on the market struggle to pickup a signal on a cloudy day. Buy an SD card that you can load up with your favorite divx movies and watch them in the car or in your tent at the remote camping location you just used the Kogan FIO to navigate you to.
- Advanced GPS Navigator (detailed Australian maps)
- Mp3 Player (mp3, wma, wav)
- Movie Player (divx, avi, wmv, asf)
- Photo Browser (jpg, bmp)
- eBook Viewer (txt)

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  • nod
    Zazz must be having a GPS sale day :)

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