KODAK EasyShare C813 Digital Camera 8.2 Mega Pixels $119.89 at Crazy Sales

10 May 2008

The Kodak C813 is a beautiful yet compact digital camera packing an enormous 8.2 Mega Pixels. The C813 can take photos suitable for 30 x 40 in (76 x 102 cm) prints with magnificent clarity. With a host of features such as Digital Image Stabilization, High ISO and HD Still Capture, the C813 is perfect for the photographer in you.

POSTAGE IS ONLY $6 AUSTRALIA WIDE. YOU CAN ALSO USE A VOUCHER FOR A 5% DISCOUNT (I wish I had checked buckscoop before I bought this because I didnt know about it then lol)


  • lisss
    OK i now cant find the voucher even though I found it before... can anyone help? :o :eek:
  • lilpretzel
  • lisss
    Thanks :) Still a gr8 deal without the voucher, I looked everywhere for what I thought was the best deal on a camera under $150 and this was my finidng, as I mentioned without the voucher anyway :)
  • nod
    I will give you a hot vote for that one :) I can't seem to find a review around anywhere Lisss so let us know what you think of the camera :)
  • lisss
    Will do Nod :) Its for my sisters birthday present so wont be used for another couple of weeks. It got ranked the 5th best camera under $150 by Digital Camera HQ, but this is in USD and in Australia I the cameras ranking above it were well over $150 : http://www.digitalcamera-hq.com/digital-cameras/lowest-price_ratings.html
  • nod
    hey 5th isn't bad :D We shall wait for Lisss's sister mini Buckscoop camera review :D
  • ozpete
    although kodak cameras mostly rate at the lowest end on Choice reviews. In October 2007 the C875 ranked last and the C653 ranked 5th last (out of 36 cameras reviewed) not the same models but never seen the kodak anywhere near the top in any of their rankings

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