Kmart - Polaroid Pogo Portable Digital Camera Printer - $20

29 October 2009

This is a great price, this is the first time I heard of these, I've always wanted a polaroid but this is even better as you can just plug in your digital camera or camera phone and print out the photos. It also has bluetooth.

I can only find it for $170 online, as it's ins tore at Kmart only though I'm sure there are cheaper prices, but not as low as $20 I'd expect. The stickered price was $269, the $199, now $20!

They hold 10 sheets of paper each, which cost about $9 online, but probably less in store. You don't have to buy ink either.


  • lilpretzel
    Is this at all Kmart taskle? :)
  • taskel
    Not sure lilp, was in stock at Belmont WA so I duno about others to be honest.
  • winniblu
    Did belmont have more of them?? was it on clearance?
  • taskel
    About 20-30 left winniblu :)
  • MamaK
    sounds great, I'll have to see if my local store has it
  • fishmonkey
    a review here: ]Polaroid PoGo Instant Mobile Printer Review - Printer Reviews - TrustedReviews if you are thinking about getting one of these to print from your mobile phone camera, check the Polaroid compatibility page first: ] - Digital Camera Compatibility i get the feeling that as a product these Pogo things have crashed and burned, which explains why they are being cleared out so cheaply.....

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